Noyau Nourish!

Noyau Nourish!

Wellness counseling

Noyau Nourish!© is our proactive prevention program, focusing on your total nutritional needs as a basis for reaching your overall health goals.  Complete Mind/Body Wellness starts with the food with which you fuel your body.  At Noyau we work to help you understand your unique nutritional needs and create an individualized and realistic food plan that will fit into YOUR life.  Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Disappointment with fad dieting
  • Receiving good advise but were unable to follow it
  • Felt confused by conflicting reports of what foods to consume and what to avoid
  • Gotten excited about starting a nutrition regimen but weren’t sure how to start
  • Felt drained or had a “crash” after exercising
  • Recently started a new fitness/sports program
  • Experienced feelings of guilt or shame after eating
  • Mood swings or depression after starting a new food plan
  • Felt overwhelmed in the grocery store while trying to find healthy foods

Noyau Nourish!© was founded with the purpose of helping people find peace with food and reach their optimal health, both mentally and physically.  By establishing a balance that focuses on our emotional relationship to food as well as how our food choices nourish our bodies, Noyau nutritionists create a comfortable and motivational place for clients to grow and change.  Through a respectful and nonjudgmental environment, our therapists encourage connectedness with their clients, allowing for the honesty and authentic support necessary for success.  What to expect

  • Personal Health History Review
  • Family Medical History Review
  • Analysis of Current Eating and Supplement Habits
  • Analysis of Basil Metabolic Rate (RMR Testing)
  • Collaborative Goal Formation
  • Actionable Steps for Goal Achievement
  • Unique and Individualized Food Plan
  • Establish Support Plan

After your initial 50 minute session, your nutritionist will support you through 30 minute follow up sessions, email support, skype, and phone sessions.  Our clients experience Nourishment inside and out on their journey towards feeling, thinking,and living better.  Let Noyau Nourish! help you reach your healthiest potential!