Resting Metabolic Rate Program (RMR)

Resting Metabolic Rate Program (RMR)

Resting Metabolic Rate Program (RMR)

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) represents the calories that the body burns by performing vital body functions such as brain function, breathing, heart rate, etc.  In other words, this is the amount of calories a person would burn if they were sitting in a chair all day doing nothing.  People will have different RMR as metabolism is influenced by several factors including body weight, muscle weight, age, gender, and hormones.

While we all share many common elements as human beings, we are also indescribably unique.  Research has shown that individuals with similar physical characteristics such as age, gender and body weight can have large differences in their RMR.  This may explain why weight loss varies among individuals who are participating in the same weight loss program.

Metabolism declines naturally as age increases due to the decrease in muscle weight. Men usually have higher metabolic rates than women due to men having more muscle mass.  Certain hormones, such as testosterone, can also influence metabolic rate as well as weight loss. I t is common after weight loss to experience a decrease in metabolism due to the fat and muscle loss that occurs.  Metabolism will also decrease as a result of fewer calories being consumed.  This could be an explanation as to why the first few pounds of weight loss are easier to lose as metabolism is still performing at a higher rate.  Eventually the body adjusts to the change in calorie range making it harder to drop pounds.  However, metabolism will increase once again as bodyweight remains stable.

During a time of weight loss, it is recommended to measure metabolism every 10-15 pounds lost to ensure a proper calorie rage is being consumed.  Using MedGem, our handheld indirect calorimeter (as seen on NBC’s The Biggest Loser), a calorie level can be obtained within 5 to 10 minutes.  This device measures metabolism from oxygen consumption during a simple breathing test.  This test will give you an exact calorie range, which will then give you the knowledge needed for a more successful weight loss program.


The first step in Nutrition and Weight Management Program is your initial consultation.  During this appointment, you will get to know your Nutrition expert, review your personal and family medical history, discuss previous attempts at weight management (what worked and what didn’t), and set realistic achievable goals.  Together, you and your Nutritionist will determine if MedGem is best for you.  Your nutritionist will set up the handheld calorimeter that you will breath into as it determines your resting metabolic rate.  You will receive your results during that session and use them to devise a meal plan based around your goals and unique metabolic needs.

You will set up your follow-up appointments to ensure you receive the support and encouragement you need to be successful on this journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Along with your Nutritionist, Noyau also maintains a staff of Professional Counselors and Life Coaches who are available for an even more in depth emotional support.  Our therapists are educated and trained on working with clients who are in the midst of making changes, helping you stay motivated and challenged throughout your journey.  We believe that treating the body AND mind is the key to achieving that profound, lasting change in which you are searching.

At Noyau Wellness we know the difficulty that comes with making major life changes.  We understand the confusion and conflict that can occur when we are making changes that we know are good for us, that we want, yet still struggle to achieve.  In addition to a testing, nutrition education and meal planning, Noyau offers emotional support from trained Professional Counselors and Life Coaches, ensuring you are treated body AND mind.